Some Important words can be changed into all the four forms.

Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
devote devotee, devotion devoted, devotional devotedly, devotionally
contruct construction constructive constructively
harmonised harmony harmonious harmoniously
sensed sense sensitive, sensible sensitively, sensibly
possess possessions possessive possessively
reflect reflection, reflectiveness reflective reflectively
astonished astonishment astonishing astonishingly
integrate integration integral integrally
fancied fancy fanciful fancifully
impose imposition imposing imposingly
bonded bond bonded, bonding bonding
stylized style stylish stylishly
expertise expertness, expert expert expertly
symbolise symbol symbolic, symbolical symbolically
proportioned proportion proportionate proportionately
marvelled marvel marvellous marvellously
architectured architecture architectural architecturally
manage management manageable manageably
restrict restriction restrictive, restricted restrictively
directed direction direct directly
excite excitement excited excitedly
form formation formative formatively
speeded, sped speed speedy speedily
exceed excess excessive excessively
confuse confusion confusing confusingly
attract attraction attractive attractively
endanger danger dangerous dangerously
notice notice noticeable noticeably
vary variation, variety various variedly
stressed stress stressful stressfully
economies economy economic, economical economically
relate relation, relativity relative relatively
systematize system systematic, systemic systematically
initiate initiation initiative initiatively
presist presistence presistent presistently
brutalise brutality brutal brutally
include inclusion inclusive inclusively
dirtied dirt dirty dirtily
trimphed triumph triumphant triumphantly
reduce reduction reducible, reductive reducibly, reductively
diminish diminution diminishable diminutively
faced face facial facially
functioned function, functioning functioning functionally
tensed tension tensed tensely
unsustained unsustainance unsustainable unsustainably
tasted taste, tastefulness tasty, tasteful tastefully
remedied remedy remedial remedially
acquiesce acquiescence acquiescent acquiescently
sophisticate sophistication sophisticate sophistically
revere reverence reverential reverentially
obey obedience obedient obediently
regarded regard regardful regardfully
forced force forcible forcibly
depend dependence dependent dependently
secure security secured securely
devote devotion devotional devotionally
suffice sufficience sufficient sufficiently
authorise authority authoritative authoritatively
define definition definite definitely
compare comparison comparative comparatively
enrich riches rich, richer richly
inform information infromative informatively
amazed amazement amazing amazingly
pitied pity piteous piteously
delighted delight delightful delightfully
popularize popularity popular popularly
wondered wonder wonderful worderfully
expect expectation expectant expectantly
needed need, needy needful needfully
amuse amusement amusing amusingly
lavished lavishness lavish lavishly
believe belief, believer believable believably
particularize particular, particularity particular particularly
sensed sense sensible sensibly
respond response responsive responsively
commune community communal communally
act action, act active actively
brief brevity brief briefly
relate relevance relevant relavantly
completed completion complete completely
practise practice practical practically
mean meaning meaningful meaningfully
express expression expressive expressively
commercialize commerce commercial commercially
conclude conclusion conclusive conclusively
necessitate necessity necessary necessarily
spirited spirit spiritual spiritually
focused focus focal focally
create creation, creator creative creatively
visualise vision, visionary visual visually
tortured torture torturous torturously
warmed warmth warm warmly
energies energy energetic energetically
famed fame famous famously
specify specification specific, specifiable specifically
sympathise sympathy sympathetic sympathetically
compose composer composed composedly
figured figure figurative figuratively
observe observance observable observably
relate relationship relative relatively
fascinate fascination fascinating fascinatingly
engage angagement engaging engagingly
entertain entertainment entertaining entertainingly
clear clarity clear clearly
loved love lovable lovingly
think thought thoughtful thoughtfully
decide decision decisive decisively
appreciate appreciation appreciative appreciatively
feared fear fearful fearfully


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