Recent Exams English Word Meaning Part-4

         1)      As this is his first job he will have to put up with the inconvenience. – Endure.

2)      Rana Decided to pursue his career in developmental field in lieu of sitting in his father’s business.- Instead of.

3)      The supervisor showed great enthusiasm and appreciation contrary to what the labor has expected.- Opposition

4)      Birds fly ______in the sky. – At large.

5)      It is an ______ that he takes bribe. – open secret.

6)      At last the enemy _____.- give in.

7)      He could not attend the meeting _____of illness.- on account.

8)      His honesty cannot be _____.- called in question.

9)      The phrase ‘an apple of discord’ means.-an object of quarrel.

10)  ‘To read between the lines’ means- to grasp the hidden meaning.

11)  Learn the poem ____heart. – by.

12)  By fits and starts means- Irregularly.

13)  ‘Riding for a fall ‘ means- To act recklessly.

14)  ‘Out and out’ means-thoroughly.

15)  ‘To tolerate’ means- Put up with.

16)  To ‘cold shoulder ‘somebody is to – Insult him.

17)  ‘Black sheep’ means- Wicked man.

18)  ‘Dead letter’ means- Law not in force.

19)  ‘The pros and cons’ means- Good and evil.

20)  ‘All at once’ means- Suddenly.

21)  ‘ At home’ means- Familiar with.

22)  ‘By all means’ means- Certainly.

23)  ‘On the eve of’ means- Just before.

24)  ‘Hard and Fast’ means- Fixed.

25)  ‘White elephant’ means- Very costly possession.

 26)      ‘Loaves and fishes’ means- Personal gains.

27)      ‘By fair means of foul’ means- In any way, honest or dishonest.

28)      Meaning of ‘Outbreak’ is – Breakout.

29)      ‘Dog days’ means- Hot weather.

30)      ‘To kick the bucket’ means – Die.

31)      ‘Blue Blood’ means- Aristocratic birth.

32)      ‘Lose heart’ means- Be disheartened.

33)      ‘Bad blood’ means- animosity.

34)      ‘Burning question’ means-Much talked about.

35)  ‘For good’ means- Permanently.

       36)  ‘Crocodile tears’ means- Heartless man and women.

37)  I ____a straw for him. – do not care

38)  ‘In black and white’ means- in writing.

39)  ‘Keep your nose out of something’ means- to avoid.

40)  Appearances can often be Liable to mislead– Deceptive.

41)  ‘Red letter day’ means- Important and memorable day.

42)  ‘In no time’ means- Very quickly.

43)  ‘Go to the dogs’ means- be ruined.

44)  ‘Soft Soap’ means- Flattery for self motives.

45)  ‘Capital punishment’ means- death penalty.

46)  There are _____ dangerous drivers.- a lot of.

47)  ‘A dark horse’ means- a man who does not talk much but surprises others by his qualities.

48)  ‘Hold water’ means- bear.

49)  ‘In a nutshell’ means- briefly.

50)  ‘Fish out of water’ means – Uncomfortable position.