1. A) Parts of Speech:
    The Noun: The Determiner, The Gender, The Number. The Pronoun
    The Verb: The Finite: transitive, intransitive The Non-finite: participles, infinitives, gerund The Linking Verb The Phrasal Verb Modals. The Adjective, The Adverb, The Preposition, The Conjunction
    B) Idioms & Phrases:
    Meanings of Phrases, Kinds of Phrases, Identifying Phrases.
    C) Clauses:The Principal Clause The Subordinate Clause: The Noun Clause,The Adjective Clause, The Adverbial Clause & its types.
    D) Corrections:The Tense, The Verb, The Preposition, The Determiner, The Gender, The Number, Subject-Verb Agreement
    E) Sentences & Transformations: The Simple Sentence, The Compound Sentence, The Complex Sentence, The Active Voice, The Passive Voice, The Positive Degree, The Comparative Degree, The Superlative Degree.
    F) Words: Meanings, Synonyms, Antonyms, Spellings, Usage of words as various parts of speech, Formation of new words by adding prefixes and suffixes.
    G) Composition:Names of parts of paragraphs/letters/applications