36th BCS Priliminary Question Solution

১১৮ ‘Power: A New Social Analysis’ গ্রন্থটি কার লেখা?
উত্তরঃ রাসেল

  1. Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure is a successful—
    উত্তরঃ comedy
    167. In English grammar ______, deals with formation of sentences.
    উত্তরঃ Syntax
    168. Professor Razzak was a scholar ____ refute.(Fill in the gap)
    উত্তরঃ by
    169. David Coperfield’ is a/an ___ novel.
    উত্তরঃ Victorian
    170. ‘Elegy written in a country churchyard’ is written by-
    উত্তরঃ Thomas Gray
    171. John Smith is good ___ Mathematics. (Fill in the gap)
    উত্তরঃ at
    172. Which of the followings books is written by Thomas Hardy?
    উত্তরঃ The Return of the Native
    173. He insisted __ there. (Fill in the gap)
    উত্তরঃ on my going
    174. The idiom ‘A-stitch is times saves nine’ – refers to the importance of-
    উত্তরঃ timely action
    175. “Frailty thy name is woman”___ is a famous dialogue from.
    উত্তরঃ W. Shakespeare
    176. The poem ‘The Solitary Reaper’ is written by-
    উত্তরঃ W. Wordsworth
    177. Teacher said, “The earth __ round the sun.”
    উত্তরঃ moves
    178. The romantic age in English literature began with the publication of ___.
    উত্তরঃ Preface to Lyrical Ballads
    179. Who is known as “the poet of nature” in English literature?
    উত্তরঃ Williams Words Worth
    180. Identify the correct sentence?
    উত্তরঃ Yesterday, he went home
    181. “A Passage to India” is written by-
    উত্তরঃ E.M. Forster
    182. ‘The Merchant of Venice’ is a Shakespearean play about
    উত্তরঃ a Jew
    183. What would be the right antonym for ‘initiative’?
    উত্তরঃ indolence
    184. The play ‘Candida’ is by-
    উত্তরঃ G. B. Shaw
    185. Which of the following writers belongs to the romantic period in English literature?
    উত্তরঃ S.T. Coleridge
    186. This could have worked if I ___ been more cautious
    উত্তরঃ had
    187. Credit tk 5000 ___ my account.
    উত্তরঃ to
    188. ‘To do away with’ means-
    উত্তরঃ to get rid of
  2. Who of the following writers was not a novelist?
    উত্তরঃ W.B. Yeats
    190. Which one is a correct sentence?
    উত্তরঃ paper is made from wood
    191. The Climax of a plot is what happens-
    উত্তরঃ at the height
    192. London town is found a living being in the works of-
    Charles Dickens
    193. So I have been living in Dhaka ____ 2000.
    উত্তরঃ since
    194. Give the antonym of the word “transitory”-
    উত্তরঃ permanent
    195. verb of “Number” is-
    উত্তরঃ number
    196. Child is the father of man is taken from the poem of—
    উত্তরঃ W. Wordsworth
    197. Slow and steady ___ the race

উত্তরঃ wins
198. “Man is a political animal” – who said this?
উত্তরঃ Aristotle
199. ”Gitanjali” of Rabindranath Tagore was translated by-
উত্তরঃ W.B. Yeats
200. “Venerate” Means-
উত্তরঃ respect