28th and 29th  BCS Priliminary Question Solution

28th BCS Priliminary Question Solution

  1. A rocket flying to the moon does not need wings because _.

ANS: space is airless

  1. Rubber is notable for its _.

ANS: elasticity

  1. Julius Caesar was the rular of rome about _.

ANS: 2000 years ago

  1. The South Pole is located in the _.

ANS: Antarctic

  1. Tiger: Zoology :: Mars :

ANS: Astronomy

  1. Break : Repair :: Wound:

ANS: Heal

  1. Frightened : Scream :: Angry :

ANS: Shout

  1. He _ consciousness as a result of his hitting the car’s dashboard.

ANS: lost

  1. Only after I _ home, did I remember my doctor’s appointment.

ANS: went

  1. When they had their first child, they put _ a large sum for his education.

ANS: aside

  1. If you count 1 to 100, how many 5s will you pass on the way?

ANS: 20

  1. A farmer had 17 hens.All but 9 died.How many live hens were left ?

ANS: 9

  1. If two typist can type two pages in two minutes, how many typists will it take to type 18 pages in six minutes.

ANS: 6

  1. The fifth consonant from the beginning of this sentence is the letter_.

ANS: t

  1. If the second day of the month is a Monday, the eighteenth day of the month is a _.

ANS: Wednesday

  1. I cannot _to pay such high prices.

ANS: afford

  1. Which sentence is correct ?

ANS: This is a unique case

  1. There is no alternative _training.

ANS: of

  1. ‘Animal Farm’ was written by _.

ANS: George Orwell

  1. The word ‘electorate’ means :

ANS: a body of voter

  1. New programs will be _ next week in Bangladesh Television.

ANS: telecast

  1. Who did write first English dictionary ?

ANS: Samuel Johnson

  1. The word ‘disinterested’ means:

ANS: neutral

  1. We were waiting for the bus. The underlined part is.

ANS: a noun phrase

  1. Julia has been ill _three months.

ANS: for

  1. Many prefer donating money ….. distributing clothes.

ANS: to

  1. ‘Light’ is to ‘dark’ as ‘cold’ is to _.

ANS: hot

  1. The verb of the word ‘short’ is _.

ANS: shorten

  1. “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” These lines were written by _.

ANS: Shelley

  1. ‘To get along with’ means :

ANS: to adjust

  1. The price of rice are _.

ANS: rising

  1. The word ‘precedence’ means :

ANS: priority

  1. Rizvi requested Rini _ telephone to attend the meeting.

ANS: over

  1. He had written the book before he _.

ANS: retired

  1. Dhaka is becoming one of the _ cities in Asia.

ANS: busiest

29th BCS Priliminary Question Solution

  1. I have not heard from him__

ANS: for long

  1. Honey is__sweet.

ANS: very

  1. Your conduct admits __ no excuse.

ANS: of

  1. He had a __ headache.

ANS: bad

  1. I shall not __ the examination this year

ANS: appear at

  1. They travelled to Savar__

ANS: on foot

  1. He said that he __ be unable come.

ANS: would

  1. Naither Rini nor Simi __ qualified for the job.

ANS: is

  1. He said that he __ the previous day.

ANS: had come

  1. He watched the boat __ down the river.

ANS: floating

  1. ‘Good’ is to ‘bad’ as ‘white’ is to__

ANS: black

  1. ‘Botany’ is to ‘plants’ as ‘Zoology is to__.

ANS: animals

  1. When one is ‘pragmatic’ he is being__

ANS: practical

  1. “Into the __ of death rode the six hundred.”

ANS: valley

  1. “To be or not to be, that is the__”.

ANS: question

  1. “I have a __ that one day this nation will live out the true meaning of its creed that all men are created equal”

ANS: dream

  1. Who wrote the two famous novels , ‘David Copperfiled’ and ‘The Tale Of Tow Cities’?

ANS: Charles Dickens

  1. Who wrote the plays , ‘The Tempest’ and ‘The Mid Summer Night’s Dream?

ANS: William Shakespeare