23th and 24th  BCS Priliminary Question Solution

23rd BCS Priliminary Question Solution

  1. I spent – -with the patient

ANS: some time

  1. I count – -your help

ANS: upon

  1. Trees have – – off their leaves

ANS: cast

  1. If I had known you were coming ___.

ANS: I would have gone to the station.

  1. Choose the correct option: Even as harvesting was goin on ___.

ANS: the rainy season began

  1. Which phrase contains words opposed to each other in meaning?

ANS: Reproduction and death

  1. Find out the correct translation: সকাল থেকে গুঁড়ি গুঁড়ি বৃষ্টি হচ্ছে

ANS: It has been drizzling since morning.

  1. A person whose ‘head’ is in the ‘cloud’ is-

ANS: a day dreamer

  1. Identify the correct sentence:

ANS: She had faith in and hopes for the future.

  1. Choose the correct tense:

ANS: Javed was so exhausted that he was lying down for a sleep

  1. A synonym for resentment is-

ANS: anger

  1. The captain left the boat, because it ___.

ANS: turned over

  1. One should be careful about ___ duty.

ANS: one’s

  1. Three-fourths of the work __ finished.

ANS: has been

  1. We waited unitl the plane ___.

ANS: took off

  1. Chosse the correct sentence:

ANS: Rahim ate almost the whole fish

  1. She argued ___ me about the marriage.

ANS: with

  1. Identify the correct passive form- Open the window.

ANS: Let the window be opened

  1. Choose the appropriate meaning of the idiom- Swan song

ANS: Last work

24th BCS Priliminary Question Solution

  1. There are ___ dangerous drivers.

ANS: a lot of

  1. I have read the book ___ you lent me.

ANS: that

  1. Water boils ___ you heat it to 100 Centigrade.

ANS: if

  1. Tell me ___ that.

ANS: who told you

  1. I opened the door as soon as I ____ the bell.

ANS: heard

  1. I am looking for someone who ____ play the piano.

ANS: can

  1. Don’t make a noise while your father ____.

ANS: is sleeping

  1. As the sun ___, I decided to go out.

ANS: was shining

  1. He gave up ____ football when be got married.

ANS: playing

  1. I have ____ interest in the matter.

ANS: no

  1. ____ is not the only thing that tourists want to see.

ANS: Scenery

  1. Just now he ___ his dinner but he says he’ll see you when he’s finished.

ANS: has had

  1. The children were entrusted ____ the care of their uncle.

ANS: with

  1. He parted ___ his friends in tears.

ANS: from

  1. “I’ll have a cup of tea,” my father said, “because I’m not hungry.” Which of the following sentences is the correct indirect speech?

ANS: My father said that he would have a cup fo tea because he wasn’t hungry

  1. The expression ‘Lingua France’ means:

ANS: The common language

  1. Choose the correct meaning: He raised his eyebrow at my exploration.

ANS: Show surprise or disapproval

  1. ‘Razzmatazz’ means:

ANS: A noisy activity

  1. The antonym for ‘Recalcitrant’-

ANS: Complaint

  1. The synonym for ‘Obdurate’-

ANS: Stubborn