21th and 22th BCS Priliminary Question Solution

21th and 22th  BCS Priliminary Question Solution

21st BCS Priliminary Question Solution

  1. No one can – that he is clever.

ANS: deny

  1. He divided the money – the two children .

ANS: between

  1. If we want concrete proof, we are looking for – .

ANS: clear evidence

  1. Eager:Indifferent

ANS: enthusiastic:halfhearted

  1. Lengthen : Prolong

ANS: stretch : extend

  1. Delay : Retard

ANS: slow down : hold up

  1. Submissive : Disobedient

ANS: observe : defy

  1. He fantasized ‒ winning the lottery

ANS: about

  1. The Parthenon is said ‒ erected in the Age of Pericles.

ANS: to have been

  1. As they waited, Rahim argued against war ‒

ANS: while his brother was discussing the effects of pollution

  1. The Olympic games were watched by ‒ billions of people all over the world.

ANS: usually

  1. The tree has been blown ‒ by the strong wind.

ANS: off

  1. A reward has been announced for the employees who ‒ hard.

ANS: have worked

  1. To ‒ the arrival of spring, Bangladesh Television ‒ a special function.

ANS: celebrate : organized


22nd BCS Priliminary Question Solution

  1. Government has been entrusted____elected politicians.

ANS: to

  1. Chosse the correct meaning of the following words: Cul-de-sac

ANS: dead end

  1. Parcel means

ANS: Postage

  1. Rumminant means

ANS: Cud-chewing nimal

  1. Submission- Yielding

ANS: Complaint- Acquiescent

  1. Vacilate- Hesitate

ANS: Irresolute- Indecisive

  1. Assert- Dissent

ANS: Affirm- Object

  1. Distort- Twist

ANS: Harmonize- Balance

  1. He has paid the penalty __ his crimes __ five years in prison.

ANS: for, with

  1. The path ___ paved, so we were albe to walk through the park.

ANS: had been

  1. In spite of my requests, he did not __.

ANS: get off

  1. The children studied in a class room __ windows were never opened.

ANS: whose

  1. To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced __.

ANS: diet

  1. We must keep our fingers __ that the weather will stay fine for the picnic tomorrow.

ANS: crossed

  1. They have __ their support for our case.

ANS: pledged

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