10th and 11th  BCS Priliminary Question Solution

10th  BCS Priliminary Question Solution

  1. What is the meaning of ‘White Elephant’?

ANS: A very costly or troublesome possession

  1. What kind of noun is girl ?

ANS: Common

  1. What kind noun is Cattle ?

ANS: Collective

  1. ‘Animal Farm’ was written by _.

ANS: George Orwell

  1. Who is author of India wins freedom ?

ANS: Abul Kamal azad

  1. What is the synonym of competent ?

ANS: Capable

  1. What is antonym of jovial ?

ANS: Jealous

  1. What is antonym of Gentle ?

ANS: Rude

  1. I am not bad— tennis.

ANS: at

  1. Choose the correct alternative to correct the sentence. He ………. to see us if he had been able to do .

ANS: would have come

  1. Choose the appropriate alternative to complete the sentence. He had a _______ of fever.

ANS: severe attack

  1. Choose the correct answer. How long did you wait ?

ANS: Till he came

  1. Choose the correct sentence –

ANS: The man who said that was a fool

  1. Choose the correct sentence –

ANS: Each of three boys got a prize

  1. Choose the correct sentence –

ANS: I asked javed if he had passed


11th BCS Priliminary Question Solution

  1. He has been ill – Friday last.

ANS: since

  1. ‘Out and out’ means :

ANS: Thoroughly

  1. What is the verb of the word ‘ability’?

ANS: enable

  1. May Allah help you. What kind of sentence is this ?

ANS: Optative

  1. A rolling stone gathers no moss. what rolling’ is ?

ANS: Adjective

  1. Which is the noun of the word beautiful ?

ANS: Beauty

  1. Hold water means –

ANS: Bear examination

  1. “Justice delayed is justice denied” was stated by_

ANS: Gladstone

  1. Who is poet of the Victorian age ?

ANS: Robert Browning

  1. Who is the author of `For Whom the Bell Tolls’ ?

ANS: Ernest Hemingway

  1. `syntax’ means –

ANS: Sentence building

  1. What is the synonym of `Incite’ ?

ANS: Instigate

  1. What is the antonym `Honorary’ ?

ANS: Salaried

  1. Fill in the blanks He has assured me_______safety ?

ANS: of

  1. Choose the correct sentence –

ANS: He was hanged for murder

  1. Choose the correct sentence –

ANS: The rich are not always happy